Scrapping for the Environment

scrapping for the environment

More and more every year the is a general consciousness about the environment and how it is time to make a change. The reality is the only changes seem to be about the changes to the environment for the sake of the ozone and the possibility of a global warming catastrophe. We are not saying these things are not important, but it is time to look at other areas such as metals, and the need for us to take our old metals and start scrapping for the environment as much as we tend to scrap for cash.

Every single day, as a species, we create about 4.6 pounds a day of trash…much of it recyclable. As a matter of fact, about a third of all daily trash is recyclable. We currently recycle about 1.4 pounds per day, unfortunately, only about 33% of Americans recycle properly on a regular basis. According to the EPA recycling and composting prevented 87.2 million tons of material from being disposed in 2013, up from 15 million tons in 1980. Diverting these materials from landfills prevented the release of approximately 186 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent into the air in 2013 — equivalent to taking over 39 million cars off the road for a year. That’s a solid number and something that if more people new about, would probably get behind.

Even though, we recycle scrap metals, the full mindset of recycling should be on the forefront of our minds on a regular basis, more like Germany, England and other European countries that America lags behind in it’s efforts to recycle.

Is it possible, that if we were paid to recycle more, more Americans would get involved? It is possible, greed has always been a mantra for getting something moving. The reality is though, if it’s not enough to simply clean the environment, like we clean our homes, cars and yards..there is no point.