Scrapping your Grill

With winter in the desert hopefully coming to a close. It might be time to scrap some of the old from springs and summers gone by. Primarily, the old grill. With the price of new , nice, stainless steel grills dropping to the average back yard chef price, there may be an opportunity there for you. Scrapping your grill is painless and profitable.

Your going to want to check and see what kind of metal you have on your grill.  Most grills will include aluminum, brass, stainless steel and iron. Be careful though, in today’s cost effective environment, there are tons of plastic parts to be aware of.

Brass: is found in knobs, regulators and other small parts of the grill. Brass is non-magnetic and has a gold/yellow color.

Stainless Steel: This will mostly be used in more expensive grills but you can find some small pieces on lower cost grills. Stainless steel is also generally non-magnetic.
Aluminum: You can usually find aluminum on the main grill area on the lid and remaining grill enclosure. This metal is also non-magnetic.
Steel/iron: This will mostly be the remains of the grill after you have taken off the brass and aluminum parts. Be sure to take off as much of the plastic parts as possible. Your magnet will stick to steel and iron. Steel and Iron have a lower value overall.

You will want to use tools such as a  screw driver, wrench, hammer and possibly a saw for harder metals. We would also recommend a safety shield if your cutting and iron or steel. The easiest part to remove is going to be the grill top and bottom. Most hoods and or lids have some sort of easy to remove fastening system you can remove to take off the hood. Brass regulators are usually connected to the knobs on the front that regulate gas flow and heat. There are numerous types of fittings you can remove from the propane hoe.  Stainless steel pieces may come in sheets or in smaller parts. Take a magnet to the pieces. If they do not stick try to separate them from the parts they are connected to. Stainless steel has a much higher value than regular steel.

Each and every grill will have a different value depending on the types of metal involved. If you don’t want to separate the different metals we will scrap the whole grill for you, just bring it to us. Worst case scenario, you may get a new grill for the summer.