Best Scrap Metals to Sell

The best scrap metals to sell are generally pretty easy to figure out. Some are considered precious metals while others are not. Many metals are used in the making and designing of jewelry and some are recycled. In the past couple of years, artist have been using all different metals for recycle and art and even fashion. This is a great thing for jewelry fashion and for recycling. Most of these businesses will use recycled and recyclable metals. Below are just some metals that are used.

  1. Bronze- Bronze is a scrap metal. There are quite a bit of fixtures made from bronze every day in different industries. These fixtures, once worn and used, can be recycled. In today’s fashion world, bronze is used in jewelry more than it has been in the past. Sometimes it is recycled into jewelry from some of the bronze fixtures and turns out very hip. Bronze is a great metal to be recycled in this way.
  2. Gold- There is a lot of jewelry that is made of gold and gold can be recycled. Most do not know that some electronics and other household items have gold or are made from gold. This gold can be scrap metal as well as gold jewelry. A major popularity in the fashion world is happening with gold. Gold is a popular scrap metal.
  3. Copper- Copper is a very popular metal that can be recycled.  Copper can be found in many places. There is mixed copper, copper tubing of different styles, and copper wire. Copper is becoming very popular to use in jewelry making. All can be scrap metal. Many things are made from copper and that is why it is popular to recycle as scrap metal.
  4. Stainless Steel- Stainless steel is another popular kind of metal that is popular to recycle. Stainless steel is a large industry that knows just how important recycling is for the environment. Stainless steel for metal scrap can be done in a variety of many ways. Some stainless steel comes in many different grades. These grades will help in determining how the stainless steel scrap metal shall be recycled.
  5. Silver- Silver is normally found in electronic and electric scrap, photographic wastes, coinage and jewelry. The demand for silver increases as the population grows. Many ways exist to enable reusing and recycling of silver. Turning into silver bars is the easiest and fastest way to recycle silver.