Do Not Steal the Steel

Good or bad economies, it really does not matter. A smart or even stupid thief will always take the low hanging fruit. Let’s be totally honest here, Hollywood has it all wrong, thieves will steal the easiest thing they can find. Big heist with months and tons of pyrotechnics and con artistry are a fools dream. The easy pickings is where it is at. In a booming economy, where there is a construction site every 100 feet or more, it is easy for a thief to find his or her next victim. Even in good economies, it is to enticing, so do not steal the steel.


The FBI has recently released a report on the great undertaking copper theft that has swept the United States over the years. Prosperous years are no different. When the economy booms and new houses hit the market, coils of copper are plentiful and can be found all over town. In enough plain sight to be stolen, shipped and sold for pennies on the dollar. Who gets hurt? Just the consumer, the more stolen, the more insurance and protection needed. This is always factored into the cost. One of the biggest changes made has been the fact that copper theft has always been a misdemeanor, Each state is actively looking to change those laws.

Even ferrous metals have had a huge draw over the past two decades. Ferrous metals were priced at closer to $77 per ton, whereas by 2008 they were closer to $500 per ton. Increased pricing, increases thieves interest in finding any metals they can get their hands on.

The best way to prevent these thefts is to keep your metals stored in well lit locations and to make sure to keep them covered and let local authorities know that you may have large quantities of metals on hand.