Garage Sale Scrap

Most scrap metal pros have their daily habits and go with it. Start early, know the garbage routes, and stay one step ahead. The truly experienced scrap metal pro, will have multiple tentacles to grab scrap from. The most brilliant of all will have people calling him to get rid of their scrap for them. These aficionados generally get these people from the simplest of places, garage sale scrap.

With garage sales occurring every weekend across America, there is a never ending supply free ready to be hauled scrap metal to be found and sold to line your pockets. Garage sales are the unsung heroes of this hobby/business.

It’s best to scour craigslist or the local ads for the closets and largest garage sales to check. The best scrappers will tell you to visit twice, once early in the event and keep a list of items you want, make the lowest possible offer you can, then return an hour before shut down the next (or same) day and make a next to nothing offer. Generally at this point the sellers are exhausted and ready to pretty much pitch anything else that needs going.

Once you have gotten all you can for next to nothing, let the family know what you do. Offer them a business card and ask if there is any other items they may need removed or hauled off. Even offer to haul the rest of there unsold goods off to the dump for a small fee,especially if your scrap yard is nearby. This is all in the effort for them to remember you the next time they need a washer & dryer and/a refrigerator or something else valuable in the scrap arena. Soon, the whole neighborhood will be calling you before they even think of selling to someone else at their next garage sale.