Greenhouse Gases and Scrap Metal

Ok wait, yes greenhouse gases and scrap metal have a relationship..and their not as obvious as you think..or maybe they are.

Greenhouse Gases and Scrap Metal

Think greenhouse gases are caused by cars on the highway only? Maybe caused from refineries around the world emitting toxic fumes into the environment..ok you would be right. Think about this though, recycling metals as opposed to creating new from ores reduces emissions by 58%, that is huge. Add to that the mining industry adds a large part of the green house gases while mining for ores. Ores that most likely, according to some scientist, may not be available in the next 20 years or so.

Also, by reducing the amount of scrap metal landfills that not only litter our views but heavily pollute our environment as well. By recycling, there is no need for metal landfills. This way we are preserving natural resources otherwise wasted and corrosive to the environment as well.

The scrap metal recycling industry really handles multiple issues we have, the depletion of resources, reduction in harmful pollutants that contribute to the destruction of the ozone, the reduction in the amount of ground destruction through scrap landfill sites, as well as the creation of wealth.

Scrap metal recycling has created not only new overall businesses to employ people in the community, but has also given the average person the availability to help the environment and get paid to do so on a full time or part time basis. If you have followed this blog for a while, there are numerous articles on how to get started.

Scrapping is not the easiest profitable venture to start or maintain, but with our cooperation, we can both help the environment, get paid and maybe even have fun in the process. For further questions contact Amcep Metals in Tucson Arizona @ 520 748 1900.