Scrap Metal Discovery

Believe it or not, scrap metal is everywhere!. Scrap metal discovery is a bit of a challenge. Scrap metal can literally be laying on the side of road, waiting to be picked up. As scrap metal recycling gains popularity, people look for more ingenious ways to find scrap metal to resale to recycle yards in their town. Now this doesn’t mean to quit your day job and become the millionaire scrapper next door…which could be possible we assume, but you could earn an average living of about $40,000.00 a year as a full time scrapper.

There are numerous types of scrap to find, here are just a few:

1. Automobile scrap…unbelievably, in one hour of driving, we have spotted over 40 pieces of possible scrap metal on the side of the road. Usually due to poor roadside cleanups, wrecks, breakdowns and roadside dump offs. With a little patients you can drive a 60 mile stretch of highway and back in 2 hours to start your day.

2. Staying on the auto scrap idea, try towing old cars…if you have the ability to tow automobiles, you have the ability to tow cash. The average auto mobile, broken down and sold for scrap pieces could be worth as much as $2,000.00 if done properly, and about $300.00 if just transported to point a to point b (not a bad tow fee). If you are mechanically inclined you can break a car down and sell specific parts , sell the tires and rims, micro chips and of course engine block and body metals.

3. Old farms….ever driven by a farm and seen 3 old rusted cars, 2 tractors and a couple of empty trailers? Most of the time, they stay their due to no way to transport or no local availability to a scrap yard, good news you have both.

4. Try craigslist…for all of the above, advertise to haul off junk washers and dryers and cars and trucks and anything that remotely sounds like scrap metals. Use that trip to scour local ads trying to sell items super cheap. or even better..garage sales.