Scrap Metal Machines

Scrap metal is everywhere you look, either in a residential home and even on farm land. Usually someone who scraps will spend most days scouring areas and driving to pick up different scrap components from individuals who need it to be removed. Ever wonder what scrap metal machines are used to facilitate the process?
Scrap is usually brought to a facility like Amceps, where it is processed for resale. Other yards, like a junkyard or auto yard usually resale their scrap as a whole for lower amounts. Most scrap metal sellers have sorted their scrap themselves for a better pricing model.
The largest custom piece of equipment is a scrap metal shredder. A scrap metal shredder assist in the separation of different metals, and is used usually at yards like Amceps, who take Ferrous and Non Ferrous materials. Some examples are cars and household items such as refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers and so on. These items take a ton of time to separate, a shredder can easily separated out these pieces magnetically. A non-ferrous grouping requires hand techniques to sort.

Shredders allow large sums of scrap to be sorted, therefore allowing companies to save on man power and time. Scrap metal shredders can be equipped with different types of cutting systems such as horizontal shaft, vertical shaft, single-shaft, two-shaft, three-shaft and four-shaft cutting systems. Though these technical aspects vary, the main point of the modern shredder is to add value of the scrap being sold. Ultimately, increasing the overall amount scrap metal dealers can payout and of course increasing profitability. As technology advances we’ll find other products in a scrap yard which will increase productivity and profitability such as metal bailing systems, scrap shears (for cutting large pieces into smaller ones), drum crushers (for crushing large drums) and most importantly metal analyzers that speed up the separation process for each new load brought in.