Scrap Metals not Worth Selling

Scrap metal is bought for a discount by metal re cycles and they will melt it up with the use of high density heat and then roll out metal bars to make other metal products, but there are some scrap metals not worth selling!
It is generally used in the construction industry where rolled ribbed steel rods are manufactured to reinforce concrete which being embedded does not see the light of day again.
It would of course be a very sad end to all those metal and it may not be worthwhile to collect a few dollars by melting all that steel which could have been put to better use by creating artistic masterpieces that would be valuable that the metal it weighs.
Scrap metal is sold by weight but if creativity could be born out of all that metal we throw away, why not? Would be the most pertinent question for which the answer would be, why not?
Creating metal art with whatever quantity of scrap metal we have would be more valuable than the melting of it and letting it silently be inside a concrete column or beam.
Metal art is here to stay and is the future for some very enterprising and imaginative artists we have around us and they need all the encouragement we could offer by supporting their endeavor which would not only propagate their inherent talent but also give us who are connoisseurs of art the golden opportunity to behold them with awe after they are completed.
There is no doubt that metal art is exquisite and only those who would value the work would call it a masterpiece but for others who are biased to this type of art it could be a nuisance.
Everyone looking at such a work of art would need to look at the amount of effort that an artist would have to expend to get the piece as he would visualize it and that has to be appreciated by all, connoisseur or not.
Selling such valuable scrap would be a waste to the imaginative artistic world of metal art and taking this art towards a more progressive era would be the best we could do.
The recent trend where there is an abundance of scrap metal available around us with metal industries of all types turning out products out of metal, it would be prudent on us that we do something about it.
Creating artistic masterpieces would not be a bad idea after all because doing so would safeguard the scrap metal industry offering a better price than what they are presently enjoying.
A better price for all that scrap they have with an artwork of exemplary creativity would be more valuable than the money that the metal scrap would have commanded in the first place.
Nothing should be thrown away and that is what is being taught in schools from Grade one onwards and not doing it but indulging in creativity of the highest order would be definitely better for everyone concerned.