Scrapping a Modular Home

Scrapping a modular or mobile home is a bit easier to do then say a standard brick and mortar home, but has far less payout. The reason though this article is coming into existence is, all modular or mobile homes, generally wear and deteriorate to the point of replacing, much quicker than standard homes. To make things worse, there are very few forums available online to give you instruction and advice. So scrapping a modular home is really just about separating the good from the bad, which is what scrapping for metals has always been about.

First of all, when it comes to the “why” of scrapping a modular or mobile homes, it is very simple, it always breaks down to finances. The cost to move a home alone can range from roughly $2,000 and up! The fact of the matter is, if the home is in disrepair enough where a move may be the end anyhow, then it just makes since to either out right sell it or attempt to scrap it.

The reality is that mobile homes are not terribly expensive to begin with. You can buy a decent single-wide for under $50,000 and a double-wide for under $80,000. Also, mobile homes depreciate yearly by around 3-3.5%. This means that after 20 years, 70% of your mobile home’s value is already gone just from depreciation.

The main issue with the modular or mobile home is that most, or at least older models were poorly constructed and may be fiberglass based. The good news is, much of the exterior and trim and of course plumbing and electric is scrap worthy, it will just take work and plenty of time. So the reality is, is it worth your time to get in their and tear the place a part for a few hundred dollars worth of scrap, or is it best to look at options for selling or refurbishing to rent or sell.