Selling Scrap Metal Around Your Home

If you need some extra cash then there is nothing easier than selling scrap metal from around your home. Scrap metal includes copper, steel, brass, and iron. All of these alloys can actually be recycled and sold. If any items that you are going to trash is made of metal then stop and look at recycling them as an alternative. No matter the metal, you can always sort and cut your metal and sell a days haull before

Common Household Places to Look for Scrap Metal
Common kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and microwaves have copper wires. Stainless steel silverware, aluminum foil and even your unused kitchen stove can be recycled. If you habitually drink soda then you can collect soda cans made of aluminum and sell them as scrap metal as well.

Bathroom and Laundry
Devices such as washers or dryers are a good source for scrap metal.

If unused, iron patio furniture can be used as scrap metal; lawn mowers, metal swings, and even iron railing can be taken to your local junkyard and sold as scrap.

Old power tools, paint cans nails, screws, bicycles, musical instruments discarded by your children and perhaps, your unused car is the biggest source for scrap metal. You will be able sell your car parts like batteries, radiator, compressor, rims and many others too.

Televisions and Monitors
Although the TV set can be difficult to recycle as a whole, you can always find copper wires that are attached at the base of the TV monitor. Monitors can be further dismantled to find capacitors, circuit boards and others.

When you open up some unwanted electronic appliances such as laptops, DVD players and others, there will be thin copper wires everywhere.

Most motherboards, and other wiring in an old desktop can be sold as scrap.

Most household appliances have copper wire in them, blenders, coffee makers and most others.

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