Best Places for Gold

Being a Tucson based company, there are obviously many areas of this state in which gold may be found. It is a bit different when gold needs to be scrapped, versus gold needing to be mined. So we are going to look at the best places for gold, where gold can be scrapped..without having to dig for it.

Best Places for Gold

As a full time scrapper or even part time you always want to minimize the amount of time and or effort that goes into finding your scrap, breaking it down and even selling let us focus on the first part. Finding gold is that hard, it is in so many components in our home, that it is possible to sell gold to a scrap yard and do well. The real issue is the amounts of gold we want or need takes time and energy we might not have.

Your cell phone, television and stereo systems generally carry a small amount of gold you can poach when throwing them out, or better yet, when someone on your route is throwing them out. Most of these gold conductors may have to be burned down, but some are evident by their color.

Another place there is gold is your automobile. Most modern auto’s have electronic components in them as well, which much like the items mentioned earlier, have gold conductors in them, which you can find by site.

One other piece of electronic that is found in the home, is the smoke detector. Now by all means, do not tear apart your smoke detector for obvious reasons. This is a viable option in a remodel or an abandoned location overall, especially in apartment complexes where there may be numerous detectors you could exploit for gold. Remember these locations take work and some knowledge of the system you are working in before removal, but it might be easier than digging in the dirt.