Happy New Year

Ok, it is a little early (1 month roughly), until New Years. The day we celebrate a year gone by, and look forward to the year to come. Generally a time resolutions are made that are kept about 30 – 45 days and left in a huge pile of wishes and dreams from the previous year..then we are back at our old ways. Usually it is our weight, our finances or just our overall demeanor to others we decide to change or be resolute about. With that, it might be time to be resolute as to how we are going about our scrapping from last year to this year. For many of us, financially it has been a decent year economically, especially if scrapping has been an extra form of income versus your primary source. If so, maybe you haven’t spent much time forming a great plan to make more money , or at least the same with less effort than last year..so first things first..plan your attack, attack your plan. So before we wish Happy New Year! Let’s review what to do first.

First and foremost, it would be best to sit down and look backward on what you achieved last year in your scrapping. Did you create a sustainable income, did you carve out relationships that you feel you can rely on in the new year. If not, make a list of how you can change that as soon as possible, scrapping is for the faint of heart and margins can be thin. It is best to make sure that all of your connections are solid and will be there for you.

Next, are there other places or stashes you can pick through in the new year that you may profit from without burning more gas, or more time stripping, or more manpower for lifting. Generally, after going over expenses, you will find sinkholes you can fill.

Our best advice is for you to go back over all of our post, and see what and where you can help fulfill your resolute for the New Year!