Where is the Ferrous Metal?

Knowing the difference between ferrous and non ferrous is simple. Ferrous metals contain iron, just stick a magnet on the side if it sticks…it is ferrous. Don’t be down on it though, ferrous metals are the most recycled metals in the world. So where is the ferrous metal?

Ferrous Metals
When we think of ferrous type material, we think of steel, or we think of iron and materials that are used for their strength and durability. These are the materials often used in steel construction, home appliances, automobiles and household tools. Ferrous materials will eventually rust, and have magnetic pull. Common ferrous metals include steel, stainless steel (though some stainless will not stick to a magnet), iron and wrought iron.

Ferrous materials are in high supply and are the most common scrap metal recycled. Therefore, prices historically don’t fluctuate dramatically. Generally ferrous metals need to be scrapped in volume and are best found when a business , especially in the fabrication industry, close down and need things scrapped and removed. Most machinery is made from ferrous metals and as long as it has not deteriorated or rusted out (like many autos) it should be a scrap you can sell.
Building scrap will work as well, be careful though, your metals have to be separated when dealing with a demolition situation. Things like aluminum siding, support beams and wall supports could all three be totally separate metals. If you don’t test and separate these metals, either your local yard or yourself my find themselves on the separating side at time of drop off, or on the financial losing side. Don’t worry , scrap yards aren’t in the business of losing money, so most metals will be tested at the time of drop off prior to purchase. So no matter where you found your scrap, clean and separate prior to arrival.