How to Clean Rusted Metals

The biggest advantage of working with Amcep Metals is that we do accept ferrous and non ferrous metals. Even with that , like any scrap yard, we prefer to accept scrap metals that have been cleaned and separated in order to fulfill orders expeditiously, and without breaking down metals onsite to clean and weigh. So we thought, with our acceptance of ferrous metals, we could at least explain how to clean rusted metals.

How to Clean Rusted Metals

First, use a file or grinder (with proper safety gear) to remove loose or packed on rust. Usually the first layer comes off easily and your down to iron, making it sell-able. If the grinder or file can’t get the topical rust off, try using white vinegar for a wash down. The vinegar reacts with the rust to dissolve it off of the metal. To use, soak the metal in white vinegar for a few hours and then scrub the rusty paste off.
If the object is too big to soak directly in the white vinegar, pour a layer over the top and allow it time to set, or use a rag to wipe down the metal with vinegar and leave to set.

When you use vinegar, you will need to let the items set for about 24 hrs for the the vinegar to completely work.

Also, you can mix baking soda with water, create a paste and spread onto the rusted area. After a few hours, begin scrubbing the topical rust off of the metal.

Lastly, purchase a rust removal product at a local hardware store. Apply the product per the directions on the bottle and then proceed to remove the topical rust off of the iron. In larger cases, it may be more affordable to use the home products version, vs store bought.