Our Scrap Prices are Insane

Ok our prices are inline where they’re supposed to be. Maybe we’re just insane…why? We hear stories from all around the state and all over the nation and yes there are people making the Crazy Eddie claims that “Our scrap prices are insane !” The reality is, scrap metal sales are like everything else, there’s a standard in pricing, don’t be hooked by over hyped schemes and billboards. If you want to consistently bring in as much as you can for your scrap, here is our advice we have been giving for years.

Work Local

It is rarely profitable to drive too far to grab a few pennies more for your scrap. There are plenty of ambiguous ads on billboards or online that make you believe that no matter what, you will be mad rich if you bring your old fridge to them. STOP, and think about it..all recycles and scrap yards make money by bulking out metals to larger companies that actually do all the leg work. So if that company in New Mexico claims that seem unbelievable, well it probably is.

Work With Yards That Respect Their Customers

We can not understand why anyone, would do all the work it takes to find scrap, break it down, separate it, pay for the gas and everything else that goes with scrapping, would work with a company that just didn’t seem to care whether you used them or not. If your not working with a yard that assist you when you need it, or possibly even changes their story after you call them (within reason)..it might be time to drive away..more importantly it might be time to call Amcep Metals or call us first just to see if we’re someone you would want to work with. Please call us at 520-748-1900 or visit us at 4484 E Tennessee St, Tucson, AZ 85714.