Scrapping Do’s and Don’ts

Rules, rules, rules…everybody in the scrap metal industry has rules and people who sell scrap as a hobby or profession know what they are. What about the weekend warrior, who scraps once in a while or even just accumulates enough scrap to make that yearly trip down to our yard. Here are a few Scrapping Do’s and Don’t’s, that if you stick to them, in general, you’ll be fine.

Do Separate Your Metals
It is the most common pre yard activity any veteran scrapper knows about. If time is money, then the yard personal that has to take the time to separate your metals might not want to do business with you again, and certainly doesn’t want to give you top dollar on what he/she has decided is junk.

Do Separate Your Metals
So now after reading above, your probably getting it. Go through your metals and choose what stays and what go’s and if possible, what is or is not sellable based on cleanliness, residue or safety.

Don’t Try To Pull One Over
This one might seem a little tricky, but the bottom line is, don’t try to mix in cheaper metals with your high end load in hopes of tipping the scale in your favor, that just doesn’t ever work out for either side and can get you shut out all over town.

Do Work With Yards That are Trustworthy
Just walk away…that’s good advice if you ever find for any reason the yard you are using lies, cheats or steals their way to profitability. Winners never cheat, cheaters never win. What may be a victory for them today, will lead to fewer customers tomorrow.

Do Attempt to Get to Know Personell
It’s always good in a buyer/seller relationship to try to get to know who you are working with. Prices change drastically, sometimes overnight. Maybe that one haul can wait and maybe you have been waiting to unload that 1 item that’s been lying around. It’s good to know, that when contacted theirs someone your familiar with on the other side.